The Start….

Greetings fellow reader.

This is the start. Well… My start. Writing a story is something I have wanted to do for a long time. A very long time. It’s always been on that figurative bucket list I’ve kept stored in my head for years now. In fact, a short way into being with my fiancée I wrote a list of things she/no one really knows about me for her which in turn kind of worked as an aspirations/bucket list type thing and close to the top was writing a novel or a story. Despite this being something I’ve wanted to do for a while I’ve always put it off for one simple reason. I was too nervous and too scared to try it. Sounds silly I know but ohwell. That’s just how I viewed it. I never really had the confidence to put pen to paper (or rattle on a keyboard) and create something in case it was… well to put it simply, shit.

Well as of December, I decided I want to try. I began by just picking the odd writing prompt from reddit to spark ideas and practice writing. It worked to a certain degree but I never felt driven to continue writing with any given prompt after a page or so. I felt like I explored as much as I wanted from it. (Or at least as much as my writing ability/creativity would allow me). I think my longest was two pages (although this is still ongoing). I just really couldn’t find the RIGHT story idea for me that would keep me hooked and genuinely interested in it myself. That and I get lazy with things I want to do. Just like anyone laziness hits me hard. When a busy week strikes sometimes I just want to lay back and do nothing rather than try and attempt to start something like this.

This is the beauty of writing. Trial and Error. Keep working at something until you’re happy with it. For me it was the right story. Since starting I have found an idea I really really like. I have a written plan as a brief skeleton on how I want at least the first half of the story to play out and I’m trying something out in the format which I’m writing it in. I’m super psyched about this. For 2017 I’m setting myself the goal to complete this story. From the initial few pages to the full first draft and all those revisions, rewrites, edits, test reads.. everything.

This really brought about the idea of lazy writing days. An accompaniment to my journey and all the rants and ramblings along with it. Possibly some extracts and whatever else that feels right to post. I’ll post on Saturdays and attempt to post every week of the year.

So, whether you’ve taken time to read this out of interest of just because you’re bored. Thank you. Live long and prosper and follow this page for all the future updates.




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