Week one done.

Week one complete. Quite a busy week. I visited my next school and met one of the classes I’ll be teaching and had the literal best date night with my fiancée. We went to a board game cafe and ended up spending hours playing Risk. My first time but damn was it a lot of fun. Other than that, I’ve done… well… not a whole lot really in terms of writing. I wrote bits here and there to start off with. I’ve set the scene and began to introduce my main character and I started to chip away at my story goal for January. About 20% of the way through and I’m happy with that. I honestly thought it could go either way. So, I guess I’ve made progress. I think by now I wanted more done by now but I also think realistically this is probably about right. Appropriate due to my lazy nature and what not.

My theme for this week (and what could potentially be many weeks in the future) was procrastination. Something we all have a weird love/hate relationship with. Most times before starting the writing process there was always something I’d find to do which for whatever reason would be “more important”. When in reality was no more important than anything else. Just to list a few things:

  •     Two hours of Two Worlds
  •     Attempting to design a makeshift “Risk” and a wargame
  •     A little bit of Mount and Blade (the original)
  •     Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  •     Catching up on Vikings
  •     Spending a whole lot of time sleeping

All this time I enjoyed spending, especially as most of it was with my fiancée but heres to this coming week being more productive in terms of writing. My aim for this coming week is to double what I have done so far. Totally feel free to return next week and see how that went. Possible midweek update incoming.






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