Motivation, Progress, Future.

So, my motivation has been up and down. I thought I’d nailed my work routine for when I start to write. I’d start by planning and/or researching if I needed too. So recently I spent an hour or so researching different types of bows and crossbows to fully understand the variants so I felt comfortable writing them into my story. I’d proceed to write for at least half an hour then take a break. Anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour if I’m honest. I’ve recently revisited Two Worlds on PC so I’m quite enjoying my time in that universe despite god awful voice acting at times. Returning to write for another 15 to 30 minutes before breaking again and sometimes rinse and repeat yet most times that would be the end of my writing for that day.

This is kind of very loose and the timings DEFINITELY vary if I even find the motivation to continue that day or find the time. Starting back at school this week so I now have to split my time between my writing and planning lessons/marking which will only get more hectic as the term progresses. This being said I have made significant progress on my story and I’m super happy about that. I should have a WIP title by now. I’m just going to go simple and just call it “Bandit” for now. I haven’t even thought about a proper title yet but I guess that’ll come once I’m nearly the end or I have more of an idea of where the story is going. Other than a page or two of notes I didn’t really plan exactly where I’m aiming to get too. Onwards and upwards. I’m confident it’s a story I’m sticking with.

Final side notes. I recently read over a writing prompt I completed and I was quite impressed. Kind of made me want to continue it to see where it takes me. Maybe one day. For now, the focus is on “Bandit”. I say focus… My procrastination reached a new high this week. I started considering war gaming and how I could create my own at home or with ‘Tabletop Simulator’ on Steam. Didn’t really get very far with it but I’m damn interested and persistent on trying. Updates next week? A possible flash story too? That’s the aim anyway…




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