Right. I had my aims for the week. Didn’t go massively as planned. I have barely written a couple hundred words on ‘Bandit’ and while I did construct and write a flash story which I thought to be quite good. I discovered my confidence in displaying my work isn’t all that high. I wouldn’t even let my fiancée read it let alone post it anywhere. So, that needs to be something I work on and FAST.

I still aim to put the flash story out on here. I did enjoy writing it and while it may not be the best; as a first go at finishing something like that I think it’s okay. I’d like to do something like that every week (or every fortnight looking at my teaching schedule…). Assuming I can either find good prompts on reddit or like this one discover a couple prompts for stories in my old notes.

To give a brief outline I set it in a world of Half-Life-esque origins putting it in the perspective of a family living there. I always loved Half-Life (like so many others) and always wanted more from the story so heck… this may even be a theme I revisit and end up concocting several short flash stories in the same little universe. We’ll see.

I almost have the first full chapter done for my story. Doesn’t sound like the most amount considering I started it beginning of January but it’s taken a while to get typing away and sometimes to even find the time. I’m feeling good about it so far. Rolling dialogue between the main character and some of the supporting characters and starting to build the basis of a foundation for future events. Not rushing everything into it but just building that prologue-y type start without actually taking out of the story to do a ’10 years ago’ type thing. Just giving a sneak into potential for the future. Well kind of. You’ll all see eventually.




2 thoughts on “Confidence.

  1. Don’t worry, writing is notoriously hard. 😉 It’s great that you find time to write even a little bit and that you have a goal in your mind. If that helps, you might try to schedule 2 hours blocks of time without interruptions to write or use a Pomodoro technique (working for 25-35 minutes, then doing 5 minutes break from the computer, walk, drink water, eat snacks). Good luck!


    1. I do try that technique already! I try to write when I can/when the motivation hits atleast. I definitely have my goal in mind… Just hoping I can find the time once my teaching timetable kicks in!
      Thanks for the response.


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