Progress Report #1

First month done. I originally planned this to be a form of report card type post that I’d do at the end of every month but I’ve had a busy week so…

Anyway, time for a progress update. ‘Bandits’ is… coming along for sure. I’ve hit writers block a few times but I felt that was more due to lack of planning and deciding EXACTLY where I wanted to go with it but that’s something I’m in the process of doing. So I sit around 30% of the way through the first story. I like where it’s going, I feel like I didn’t originally expect certain things to happen but as I keep writing the story unfolds beneath my fingertips! Overall, I’m really happy with where I’m at. Scheduling will take a hit from next week onwards so I may not be able to get as much done but progress will continue for sure. Here’s a brief outline:

A group of bandits await by a river bed, arguing, fighting, planning but they have no idea what awaits them… The hero of the land quickly approaches and the leader of the bandits ignores our main character and underestimates the hero. One smart bandit amongst a group of restless and simple minded peers with no one to listen to his ideas… At least he has his wits about him…

The blog. Slowly but steady. So maybe I’m not hitting double figures per day (yet) but I’m happy with the content I’m putting out and already had some sweet feedback. Regardless I will always continue this on as a companion to my writing so in theory… onwards and upwards! I think I could probably upgrade and consider the design a bit more but at the time of writing this that’s for a less tired me to deal with. There’s nothing massively I’d change as I’ve always been a fan of the minimalistic design to blogs but a few tweaks here and there may be needed in the future.

Extra Extra! Read all about it! So alongside me writing ‘Bandit’ I kind of started another writing project (Classic me, never sticking to just one thing) and I totally love the story ideas I’ve came up with so far. I ran them past my fiancée and she was digging the outline I gave her and I’ve started writing like a prologue type story to introduce the world and so far? Good feedback and bad feedback. My writing could be better but that’ll come with practice and is something I’m constantly aiming to do but overall I’m super psyched about it. Here’s a brief outline of this one too:

In a dystopian city, one family hide out trying to protect their daughter in an almost empty apartment. Just as they think they’re safe… They hear a banging at the door.

The idea of this was I do the prologue meeting some of the characters then continue to write the story in normal format into a novel. The main character would be the young girl (which you’ll meet soon when I post the first part) and possibly tell the rest of the story in a journal entry type thing. We’ll see I guess. I like the idea and have quite a lot down in terms of story ideas already.

Anyway that’s enough of my rambling. This weekend couldn’t have come soon enough.




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