Chapter one finished!

Question of the week: What are you currently reading?

This year is moving so fast already. Two weekends into February and I have a week off! Result! I have a lot of planning to do for the week following for teaching but that also means I’ll have time to write a whole lot more. As of today, I sit at Chapter One/Episode One first draft finished completely for ‘Bandit’ and planning has started for Chapter Two/Episode Two. Honestly so excited about how this is going. It’s probably not going to be the next blockbuster movie (or even close) but knowing this is a story I’m creating and watch unfold in front of me is so cool.

I’m not 100% settle on the format yet but I had a cool idea (ok I may have somewhat stolen this from Tell Tales games) that I would have the story set out in Episodes (between 2-4k each), possibly release one by one either on here or whatever format suits best and in the grand scale of things it’ll form a short story (Around 10-15k words). So that’s like 4 or 5 episodes altogether (totally not like a Tell Tale game at all then…). I was thinking of using Amazon Publishing as the format to go with but I’ve read a lot of horror stories recently so I stand dubious about how to proceed. That’s research I’ll have to properly conduct around April/May time. Which is around the time I plan to have all first drafts done and possibly even started editing. I say that now but that’s just so I have a plan and goals to reach if I’m honest. We’ll see. I’m feeling confident I can reach that.

In terms of the blog I’m still happy with how things are going although I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to add plugins and utilising certain plugins so I may have to hit YouTube for some help. Other than that, views, followers, comments… keep them all coming on in! Really digging the feedback.

I also found a super cool app called “World Scribe” which I’ve started using alongside a notebook to keep track of my story. It’s basically a world builder where you can add characters, locations, items, relationships etc and it’s completely free! Handy when I don’t have my notebook near as my mind is always ticking when it comes to writing. AND NO IN APP PURCHASES WHICH IS NICE!

And finally. I have made social media account for this blog so any of you readers can follow and keep more up to date with how everything is going, or even just general thoughts. (and most likely what I’m reading currently! So we can totally discuss that.)

The Facebook page is:

The twitter is: @LazyWritingDays

I’ll be very active on both so get on down and like and follow these things for more Lazy Writing Days!

Short/flash story coming tomorrow so stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “Chapter one finished!

  1. A new detective series following a detective called Roy Grace. The way they introduced the character as someone who believes in the Supernatural and often uses mediums in his cases was a new concept to me in detective stories. What I also like about it is the way that they made using mediums just something he does but not something that defines him which allows the author to still follow a fairly traditional detective story

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    1. That sounds awesome. The fact it’s played off as a normal thing opposed to making it his USP. I’m reading a real cool sci-fi story (Expanse) with an insanely huge universe. Think the scale of star wars but more realisitic and think martian but more twists and turns.

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