City Thirty-Nine Prologue (Flash Story)

“Mom can you ask dad to stop pacing?”

“Luke, stay calm please, just sit down. We’ll be ok.”

“You’re right! They won’t even know we’re here. According to records we moved months ago.” Luke stood still, looking at the wardrobe stacked against the door in attempt to block entry. Alexa sat quietly on the floor next to her mother. A worn carpet that had seen the years roll by you could barely tell it used to be a pale blue she thought. Unfortunately, they hadn’t properly lived here for several months, having temporarily moved due to some form of complication with the city police. Her father never really told her much about it.

“Don’t worry darling, they’ll never find us.” Luke stroked his daughter’s cheek lovingly, cracking half a smile as he gazed her eyes before standing back up to press his ear against the wall beside the door. “Nothing still.” He’d been like this for an hour or so now. Well it could have been days as far as Alexa was concerned. Time seemed to be going so slow with nothing to do. Not even the old radio worked on anything other than City Thirty-Nine radio. That mostly just played weather announcements and wanted warnings between the same repeated speech of the overseer. Alexa couldn’t stand it. All he talked about was how everyone should be grateful to be under his command and his security and how safe everyone NOW is that he’s in charge. Blah Blah Blah…

Bang Bang Bang Bang! “Open up we know she’s in there”.

Alexa’s heart dropped. Delilah leapt instantly to grab her daughter. Luke flew back and started pacing again. Alexa could barely see much of the room now, her mother’s arms clenched around her. Clinging to her journal the same way. No-one could tear her from her mother right now. She’d never felt this frightened before. She could barely focus on what was happening. Her father was shouting, pacing up and down as he always does. Her mother would shout at the city police too once and a while.

“Luke please, we have to do something.” Alexa could hear the fear in her mom’s voice now. Struggling not to break into tears she lifted one arm and wrapped it around her mom.

Crash! Alexa felt her heart stop for a moment as each time she heard the banging of the city police at the door. Crash! “We’re coming in!” The officer yelled through. “Fuck you! Fuck your city police all the hell!” Delilah released a cry of rage before silencing to look down towards Alexa. “It’s ok baby… It’s ok.” Every time Alexa had fallen over playing with her friends, or had a bad day at school her mother had stroked her hair just like she was now. This time it didn’t stop the tears. Luke was now waving around his handgun. Alexa closed her eyes and began to count to ten.

“Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven…” Crash! She whimpered. “Si…Six… Five… F…” The wardrobe slammed to the floor and the city police barged into the room. Delilah moved her arms, Alexa now able to see she caught a glimpse of her fathers bloodied face as he lay crouched against the wall. Her eyes immediately drawn to the two men rapidly approaching with huge guns aiming right at us.

“Please…” Delilah pleaded.

“Lady. Hand over the girl and we won’t have to hurt you.”

“Please no…” She sobbed

“You know you can’t have her. On the order of Overseer Julius. We will give you to the count of three.”


“Baby, it’s gonna be ok. Look at me baby” Alexa looked at her mom, the tears pouring down her face. “You’re safe and we love you”.



In a flash one of the city police counted “One.” Pulling the trigger firing a singular bullet into Delilah’s forehead. Blood splattered onto Alexa’s face as she watched the life go from Delilah. Her fatal wound instantly pouring with blood as the city police pulled her away.

“You’re coming with us.”

Alexa could only watch as one of the men strong-armed her out of the room. Her last few seconds seeing her parents covered in blood. Lifeless. Brutally murdered. Before a cold black sack was thrown over her head.

“You’re ours now.”


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