Woah has it been a busy week. Highlights? Valentines was pretty sweet, we baked cakes this year. Loved it. A trip to London to see the in-laws, always fun. So really it’s been a good week. A ton of work to do but oh well, has to be done.

How’s writing going J? Very slow, I was happy posting the first part of City 39 this week (and if you haven’t read that yet, go check it out dude/dudette!) and I’m still reeling due to finishing my first chapter. A small but significant milestone for me. This week outside of everything else has been given to planning and that is going great!

So I’ve decided how to start the next chapter and even decided to toy around with chapter breaks (where a writer will break a chapter itself into parts with time jumps or perspective changes) and a more dialogue central chapter but we’ll see when it ACTUALLY comes down to writing it.

Something else rather exciting is I decided to create another flash story but this time within the same little universe as my novel idea, or ‘Bandits’ as I’ve codenamed it. I know whose perspective and roughly what I want to happen/reveal about the character it’ll be based around so I’m super happy to start and eventually share it with whoever reads this blog. Another cool little thing I stumbled upon was 50 or less stories. So essentially writing a small story with no more than 50 words. This is definitely something I want to try so I may write a couple and post them on here. It may give me more room to experiment.

That leads me to my final little point. Blog growth has been slow but steady so thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to read my posts. Also if you have time and want to keep more up to date with Lazy Writing Days then totally go hit up the Facebook and Twitter pages.


Have a great week.




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