World Book Day!

It was World Book Day this week!

I wonder if one day people will be sitting down to read a book I’ve written… You live and dream eh. Anyway, World Book Day; to most this might seem like an ordinary day but this year, for me it was something a bit more interesting.

To begin with this whole “wanting to write a story and get it published” thing really got me thinking about the future and what it might hold. I’d like to believe that one day I could successfully achieve this and possibly more.  *cough cough* Series of short stories based around City Thirty-Nine.

World book day was also much more interesting this year due to this being my first as a teacher. Seeing so many people excited about reading, sharing good stories they’ve read and even a couple bad ones. Having a ‘Drop everything and read for half an hour’ portion of the day was super cool. So many pupils not wanting to bother then suddenly being super engrossed in a book they didn’t want the time to end. Hearing all of my form group being so happy they got to read in a lesson (opposed to in library time once a week) was amazing. There was so much enthusiasm.

I’d say this world book day was a success. At least sitting from my point of view. How did your world book day go? Read anything interesting today? Leave a comment below and let me know.

The only thing left to mention is there’ll be another flash story coming very soon! I think once Dragons is finished I’ll post it. It’s another City Thirty-Nine story except this time from the perspective of a different character… The Mother? One of the Police Officers? A confused neighbour? Well you’ll have to stay tuned and find out soon!



Psst. Dragons #4 is also out on here today… Go check it out.


2 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. I didn’t know it was world book day!

    I, too, am an aspiring author, and I have to say, it sounds super cool that you’re a teacher and get to see young people learning to love reading for the first time. The description warms my heart 🙂

    Let’s hope you do have that book out there someday – you can do it!

    – Jacqueline


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