This has to stop!

This needs to stop.

You know those ‘random *genre/name/weapon/anything* generators? I feel like that’s been me with story ideas and elements recently. It’s becoming a small issue of i need to stick to the stories I’m on and not want to start new ones. Well i guess for a short/flash story that’d be fine but i keep thinking large scale. I even started a wiki for a sci-fi venture…

I did make a considerable start on chapter/episode two but since then I’ve decided my wiki for the story needs to be fleshed out some more. Introducing a new destination for my characters has proven more troublesome than i thought. New characters, new locations, new this, new that. I had certain things planned but i way underestimated.

Anyway, i guess unless i somehow manage to fit one of the 50 words or less type stories. I think I’d prefer to move towards at least a flash fiction or two.

Speaking of flash fiction. I have one ready. Well, kind of. It’s another part to City Thirty-Nine (*cough* you can find the first part on here *cough*) except it’s from the perspective of one of the police officers. I feel it adds something different to the story but still technically runs alongside it. Once Dragons is finished I’ll post that one. I’m also looking/thinking about posting some of my “Bandits” story to beta readers to see initial feedback.


Which brings me to my final thoughts… I haven’t had much time for writing recently. Other than starting chapter/episode two and some bits and bobs into one of my wiki guide I haven’t had the time to plan or start the flash story I wanted or get as much as I wanted done for “Bandits”. A shame but that’s teaching for you. I love it, but damn does it take a lot of your time.

Onwards and upwards and look out for Dragons #5, #6, #7 and #7.5 this week! Another flash story in the future! And don’t forget to share with your friends.





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