This has to stop!

This needs to stop.

You know those ‘random *genre/name/weapon/anything* generators? I feel like that’s been me with story ideas and elements recently. It’s becoming a small issue of i need to stick to the stories I’m on and not want to start new ones. Well i guess for a short/flash story that’d be fine but i keep thinking large scale. I even started a wiki for a sci-fi venture…

I did make a considerable start on chapter/episode two but since then I’ve decided my wiki for the story needs to be fleshed out some more. Introducing a new destination for my characters has proven more troublesome than i thought. New characters, new locations, new this, new that. I had certain things planned but i way underestimated.

Anyway, i guess unless i somehow manage to fit one of the 50 words or less type stories. I think I’d prefer to move towards at least a flash fiction or two.

Speaking of flash fiction. I have one ready. Well, kind of. It’s another part to City Thirty-Nine (*cough* you can find the first part on here *cough*) except it’s from the perspective of one of the police officers. I feel it adds something different to the story but still technically runs alongside it. Once Dragons is finished I’ll post that one. I’m also looking/thinking about posting some of my “Bandits” story to beta readers to see initial feedback.


Which brings me to my final thoughts… I haven’t had much time for writing recently. Other than starting chapter/episode two and some bits and bobs into one of my wiki guide I haven’t had the time to plan or start the flash story I wanted or get as much as I wanted done for “Bandits”. A shame but that’s teaching for you. I love it, but damn does it take a lot of your time.

Onwards and upwards and look out for Dragons #5, #6, #7 and #7.5 this week! Another flash story in the future! And don’t forget to share with your friends.






Lazy Writing Days so far

I really feel like the blog is growing nicely. I’m ecstatic with that. There’ll be a lot of new content coming up also. So aside from the usual Saturday update post you’ll have the following in the near future:

  • Dragons #2 – #7.5 (50 or less series)
  • Flash Story based on Bandits
  • Another 50 or less series

I’m quite excited to share these with you. I really enjoyed writing Dragons. I felt like it’s a mash up of fantasy and Sci-fi. I imagine it read on one of those old pc screens where it’s all black with green text. Similar to a Fallout 3 computer or the one from Lost. Anyway, I feel like it’s a little journey taken along with the two characters Margaret and Josie. If you’re yet to check it out; go along and click ‘Dragons’ at the top of the page. There’s a separate section at the top where they’ll all be collected so it’s easier to find in the future.

That leads me to this. Noticed anything different around here…? That’s right. New theme. I’m digging it. I really wanted one that had a top menu bar rather than an only drop down menu. It feels more visual and easier to find things and I know I’d be more likely to click on menu links if I could see them from the beginning anyway.

Bandits. Planning is nearly done for Chapter two and writing will commence very soon. I’ll release more details on the actual story next week so stay tuned for that. I’m excited to continue this story. It feels like my brainchild and it’s coming along nicely. A lot of progression, I like the characters and I do enjoy Fantasy so writing it is even better. There’s also so many reasons why it’s taking me so long to actually get down and write it. I have a busy teaching schedule, there’s been quite a lot of assessed work for me to complete and of course… I bought new notebooks to do my planning in (see below). So that always takes some time to start transfer notes etc over. Either way, more progress soon.img_20170225_131126_01

And finally, City Thirty-Nine. I liked writing that. I originally had a much bigger plan for it. After writing, rewriting and rewriting again I couldn’t settle on the direction to go. I’ll need some more time with my notebook to plan where it could go I think. Definitely expect more on City Thirty-Nine in the future.

Thanks again to everyone whose taken time to read these and I hope you stick around to read more content in the future! And if there is your first time here, welcome! Go check out some of the other posts and stick around a while.

Also, #2 of Dragons comes out exactly 24 from this post so make sure you check back then!

Hope you have a great week.



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Woah has it been a busy week. Highlights? Valentines was pretty sweet, we baked cakes this year. Loved it. A trip to London to see the in-laws, always fun. So really it’s been a good week. A ton of work to do but oh well, has to be done.

How’s writing going J? Very slow, I was happy posting the first part of City 39 this week (and if you haven’t read that yet, go check it out dude/dudette!) and I’m still reeling due to finishing my first chapter. A small but significant milestone for me. This week outside of everything else has been given to planning and that is going great!

So I’ve decided how to start the next chapter and even decided to toy around with chapter breaks (where a writer will break a chapter itself into parts with time jumps or perspective changes) and a more dialogue central chapter but we’ll see when it ACTUALLY comes down to writing it.

Something else rather exciting is I decided to create another flash story but this time within the same little universe as my novel idea, or ‘Bandits’ as I’ve codenamed it. I know whose perspective and roughly what I want to happen/reveal about the character it’ll be based around so I’m super happy to start and eventually share it with whoever reads this blog. Another cool little thing I stumbled upon was 50 or less stories. So essentially writing a small story with no more than 50 words. This is definitely something I want to try so I may write a couple and post them on here. It may give me more room to experiment.

That leads me to my final little point. Blog growth has been slow but steady so thank you to each and every one of you for taking the time to read my posts. Also if you have time and want to keep more up to date with Lazy Writing Days then totally go hit up the Facebook and Twitter pages.



Have a great week.



Chapter one finished!

Question of the week: What are you currently reading?

This year is moving so fast already. Two weekends into February and I have a week off! Result! I have a lot of planning to do for the week following for teaching but that also means I’ll have time to write a whole lot more. As of today, I sit at Chapter One/Episode One first draft finished completely for ‘Bandit’ and planning has started for Chapter Two/Episode Two. Honestly so excited about how this is going. It’s probably not going to be the next blockbuster movie (or even close) but knowing this is a story I’m creating and watch unfold in front of me is so cool.

I’m not 100% settle on the format yet but I had a cool idea (ok I may have somewhat stolen this from Tell Tales games) that I would have the story set out in Episodes (between 2-4k each), possibly release one by one either on here or whatever format suits best and in the grand scale of things it’ll form a short story (Around 10-15k words). So that’s like 4 or 5 episodes altogether (totally not like a Tell Tale game at all then…). I was thinking of using Amazon Publishing as the format to go with but I’ve read a lot of horror stories recently so I stand dubious about how to proceed. That’s research I’ll have to properly conduct around April/May time. Which is around the time I plan to have all first drafts done and possibly even started editing. I say that now but that’s just so I have a plan and goals to reach if I’m honest. We’ll see. I’m feeling confident I can reach that.

In terms of the blog I’m still happy with how things are going although I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to add plugins and utilising certain plugins so I may have to hit YouTube for some help. Other than that, views, followers, comments… keep them all coming on in! Really digging the feedback.

I also found a super cool app called “World Scribe” which I’ve started using alongside a notebook to keep track of my story. It’s basically a world builder where you can add characters, locations, items, relationships etc and it’s completely free! Handy when I don’t have my notebook near as my mind is always ticking when it comes to writing. AND NO IN APP PURCHASES WHICH IS NICE!

And finally. I have made social media account for this blog so any of you readers can follow and keep more up to date with how everything is going, or even just general thoughts. (and most likely what I’m reading currently! So we can totally discuss that.)

The Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/Lazywritingdays

The twitter is: @LazyWritingDays

I’ll be very active on both so get on down and like and follow these things for more Lazy Writing Days!

Short/flash story coming tomorrow so stay tuned!