Progress Report #1

First month done. I originally planned this to be a form of report card type post that I’d do at the end of every month but I’ve had a busy week so…

Anyway, time for a progress update. ‘Bandits’ is… coming along for sure. I’ve hit writers block a few times but I felt that was more due to lack of planning and deciding EXACTLY where I wanted to go with it but that’s something I’m in the process of doing. So I sit around 30% of the way through the first story. I like where it’s going, I feel like I didn’t originally expect certain things to happen but as I keep writing the story unfolds beneath my fingertips! Overall, I’m really happy with where I’m at. Scheduling will take a hit from next week onwards so I may not be able to get as much done but progress will continue for sure. Here’s a brief outline:

A group of bandits await by a river bed, arguing, fighting, planning but they have no idea what awaits them… The hero of the land quickly approaches and the leader of the bandits ignores our main character and underestimates the hero. One smart bandit amongst a group of restless and simple minded peers with no one to listen to his ideas… At least he has his wits about him…

The blog. Slowly but steady. So maybe I’m not hitting double figures per day (yet) but I’m happy with the content I’m putting out and already had some sweet feedback. Regardless I will always continue this on as a companion to my writing so in theory… onwards and upwards! I think I could probably upgrade and consider the design a bit more but at the time of writing this that’s for a less tired me to deal with. There’s nothing massively I’d change as I’ve always been a fan of the minimalistic design to blogs but a few tweaks here and there may be needed in the future.

Extra Extra! Read all about it! So alongside me writing ‘Bandit’ I kind of started another writing project (Classic me, never sticking to just one thing) and I totally love the story ideas I’ve came up with so far. I ran them past my fiancée and she was digging the outline I gave her and I’ve started writing like a prologue type story to introduce the world and so far? Good feedback and bad feedback. My writing could be better but that’ll come with practice and is something I’m constantly aiming to do but overall I’m super psyched about it. Here’s a brief outline of this one too:

In a dystopian city, one family hide out trying to protect their daughter in an almost empty apartment. Just as they think they’re safe… They hear a banging at the door.

The idea of this was I do the prologue meeting some of the characters then continue to write the story in normal format into a novel. The main character would be the young girl (which you’ll meet soon when I post the first part) and possibly tell the rest of the story in a journal entry type thing. We’ll see I guess. I like the idea and have quite a lot down in terms of story ideas already.

Anyway that’s enough of my rambling. This weekend couldn’t have come soon enough.





Right. I had my aims for the week. Didn’t go massively as planned. I have barely written a couple hundred words on ‘Bandit’ and while I did construct and write a flash story which I thought to be quite good. I discovered my confidence in displaying my work isn’t all that high. I wouldn’t even let my fiancée read it let alone post it anywhere. So, that needs to be something I work on and FAST.

I still aim to put the flash story out on here. I did enjoy writing it and while it may not be the best; as a first go at finishing something like that I think it’s okay. I’d like to do something like that every week (or every fortnight looking at my teaching schedule…). Assuming I can either find good prompts on reddit or like this one discover a couple prompts for stories in my old notes.

To give a brief outline I set it in a world of Half-Life-esque origins putting it in the perspective of a family living there. I always loved Half-Life (like so many others) and always wanted more from the story so heck… this may even be a theme I revisit and end up concocting several short flash stories in the same little universe. We’ll see.

I almost have the first full chapter done for my story. Doesn’t sound like the most amount considering I started it beginning of January but it’s taken a while to get typing away and sometimes to even find the time. I’m feeling good about it so far. Rolling dialogue between the main character and some of the supporting characters and starting to build the basis of a foundation for future events. Not rushing everything into it but just building that prologue-y type start without actually taking out of the story to do a ’10 years ago’ type thing. Just giving a sneak into potential for the future. Well kind of. You’ll all see eventually.



Motivation, Progress, Future.

So, my motivation has been up and down. I thought I’d nailed my work routine for when I start to write. I’d start by planning and/or researching if I needed too. So recently I spent an hour or so researching different types of bows and crossbows to fully understand the variants so I felt comfortable writing them into my story. I’d proceed to write for at least half an hour then take a break. Anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour if I’m honest. I’ve recently revisited Two Worlds on PC so I’m quite enjoying my time in that universe despite god awful voice acting at times. Returning to write for another 15 to 30 minutes before breaking again and sometimes rinse and repeat yet most times that would be the end of my writing for that day.

This is kind of very loose and the timings DEFINITELY vary if I even find the motivation to continue that day or find the time. Starting back at school this week so I now have to split my time between my writing and planning lessons/marking which will only get more hectic as the term progresses. This being said I have made significant progress on my story and I’m super happy about that. I should have a WIP title by now. I’m just going to go simple and just call it “Bandit” for now. I haven’t even thought about a proper title yet but I guess that’ll come once I’m nearly the end or I have more of an idea of where the story is going. Other than a page or two of notes I didn’t really plan exactly where I’m aiming to get too. Onwards and upwards. I’m confident it’s a story I’m sticking with.

Final side notes. I recently read over a writing prompt I completed and I was quite impressed. Kind of made me want to continue it to see where it takes me. Maybe one day. For now, the focus is on “Bandit”. I say focus… My procrastination reached a new high this week. I started considering war gaming and how I could create my own at home or with ‘Tabletop Simulator’ on Steam. Didn’t really get very far with it but I’m damn interested and persistent on trying. Updates next week? A possible flash story too? That’s the aim anyway…



Week one done.

Week one complete. Quite a busy week. I visited my next school and met one of the classes I’ll be teaching and had the literal best date night with my fiancée. We went to a board game cafe and ended up spending hours playing Risk. My first time but damn was it a lot of fun. Other than that, I’ve done… well… not a whole lot really in terms of writing. I wrote bits here and there to start off with. I’ve set the scene and began to introduce my main character and I started to chip away at my story goal for January. About 20% of the way through and I’m happy with that. I honestly thought it could go either way. So, I guess I’ve made progress. I think by now I wanted more done by now but I also think realistically this is probably about right. Appropriate due to my lazy nature and what not.

My theme for this week (and what could potentially be many weeks in the future) was procrastination. Something we all have a weird love/hate relationship with. Most times before starting the writing process there was always something I’d find to do which for whatever reason would be “more important”. When in reality was no more important than anything else. Just to list a few things:

  •     Two hours of Two Worlds
  •     Attempting to design a makeshift “Risk” and a wargame
  •     A little bit of Mount and Blade (the original)
  •     Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  •     Catching up on Vikings
  •     Spending a whole lot of time sleeping

All this time I enjoyed spending, especially as most of it was with my fiancée but heres to this coming week being more productive in terms of writing. My aim for this coming week is to double what I have done so far. Totally feel free to return next week and see how that went. Possible midweek update incoming.





The Start….

Greetings fellow reader.

This is the start. Well… My start. Writing a story is something I have wanted to do for a long time. A very long time. It’s always been on that figurative bucket list I’ve kept stored in my head for years now. In fact, a short way into being with my fiancée I wrote a list of things she/no one really knows about me for her which in turn kind of worked as an aspirations/bucket list type thing and close to the top was writing a novel or a story. Despite this being something I’ve wanted to do for a while I’ve always put it off for one simple reason. I was too nervous and too scared to try it. Sounds silly I know but ohwell. That’s just how I viewed it. I never really had the confidence to put pen to paper (or rattle on a keyboard) and create something in case it was… well to put it simply, shit.

Well as of December, I decided I want to try. I began by just picking the odd writing prompt from reddit to spark ideas and practice writing. It worked to a certain degree but I never felt driven to continue writing with any given prompt after a page or so. I felt like I explored as much as I wanted from it. (Or at least as much as my writing ability/creativity would allow me). I think my longest was two pages (although this is still ongoing). I just really couldn’t find the RIGHT story idea for me that would keep me hooked and genuinely interested in it myself. That and I get lazy with things I want to do. Just like anyone laziness hits me hard. When a busy week strikes sometimes I just want to lay back and do nothing rather than try and attempt to start something like this.

This is the beauty of writing. Trial and Error. Keep working at something until you’re happy with it. For me it was the right story. Since starting I have found an idea I really really like. I have a written plan as a brief skeleton on how I want at least the first half of the story to play out and I’m trying something out in the format which I’m writing it in. I’m super psyched about this. For 2017 I’m setting myself the goal to complete this story. From the initial few pages to the full first draft and all those revisions, rewrites, edits, test reads.. everything.

This really brought about the idea of lazy writing days. An accompaniment to my journey and all the rants and ramblings along with it. Possibly some extracts and whatever else that feels right to post. I’ll post on Saturdays and attempt to post every week of the year.

So, whether you’ve taken time to read this out of interest of just because you’re bored. Thank you. Live long and prosper and follow this page for all the future updates.